Success with style

The Popken Fashion Group

The Popken Fashion Group is an affiliation of the fashion companies Ulla Popken GmbH and GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG. These two companies have their own private labels, Ulla Popken, JP 1880, GINA LAURA and Studio Untold. Years of experience, family roots and a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit are the foundation for the success of these four labels.

As a multi-channel corporation, the Popken Fashion Group currently distributes their fashion range across the world in over 30 countries and
in more than 600 stores, through postal orders and internet sales as well as through selected B2B partners. Altogether, the group employs more than 4000 employees.

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Four of over 4.000 ‘Groupies’

Passionate dedication

The foundation and future of the company are its employees. Real dedication, personal initiative and a goal-oriented motivation twinned with a passion for fashion, success and community spirit. This is what defines those who work in the Popken Fashion Group. They really are like our ‘groupies’!

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Thomas Wetter,
Logistics Manager for GINA LAURA

“Logistics is a lively and varied area of work. I have been a logistics manager in Oldenburg for over 4 years. Together with my team of 60 employees, we make sure that all of our customers receive the goods they have ordered. My motto is that we can only be as strong as our weakest member, which is why it is important for us to mutually support one another.”

Christian Janssen,
Training Supervisor for the Popken Fashion Group

“As a ‘home-grown’ employee of the Popken Fashion Group, I’m particularly proud that I was provided with the opportunity to go from being an apprentice to a training supervisor and that I have always received the encouragement and support I have needed from those within the group. Today I am responsible for over 170 apprentices in 17 different sectors as well as for approximately 100 training supervisors. It’s a job that never gets boring.”

Gabriele Goetze,
Department Manager for Logistics Administration

“Popken Fashion Group’s buying markets are all over the world on many different markets. Exporting to many different countries and the variety of work associated with that means that no one day is like another, and so it’s always exciting to be working at the Popken Fashion Group. Being able to manage these daily challenges is only possible with a strong team, and that’s exactly what we are and I’m proud of that!”

Stefanie Ahlers,
Junior Accessories Buying Agent for GINA LAURA

“Accessories are my passion. There are so many ways in this field to provide our customers with the right accessories and items. And that is exactly what my small but mighty team does. Creativity and the challenge of preparing a collection that our customers will like is the best part of my job. And when I see a woman on the street wearing one of our accessories, it’s a wonderful compliment on my work!”


From Nothern Germany into the world: the headquarters

The Popken Fashion Group’s headquarters are located in Nothern Germany with purchasing offices in China and Turkey. The American Ulla Popken Ltd in the USA has their head office on the East Coast. The office in Rastede is the heart of the Ulla Popken brand. More than 700 employees are developing the fashion trends and marketing campaigns of tomorrow. Over 55,000m² of storage area provide optimal space and the latest in logistics administration make sure that goods are

delivered to many different distribution channels both quickly and smoothly. The Oldenburg office houses GINA LAURA and is dedicated to developing and distributing the label. A fully-automated hanger clothing logistics system ensures that goods are delivered every week. Here is also where we manage activities associated with setting up new departments and expanding branches, and where all the company’s private labels are developed.

Popken Fashiongroup – Headquarters
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In fashion since 1880

A story with future

The Popken Fashion Group has existed since 2012. However, the history of both companies -Ulla Popken GmbH and GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG, reaches far back into the past and is founded on strong family ties and grand visions. A success story with tradition that is still being written today and which provides the best foundations for continued success in the future.

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Ulla Popken GmbH

  • 1880

    Johann Popken founded the Popken Textile Company, Hameln, Germany

  • 1968

    Friedrich Popken (grandson of Johann Popken9 and his wife Ursula (Ulla) opened their first store called „Mami & Baby“, specialising in maternity wear, Oldenburg, Germany

  • 1977 – 1984

    The company expanded throughout Germany and established a mail order business; Start of franchise operation

  • 1986

    Successful tests with Plus Size Fashion via postal order business

  • 1987

    Ulla Popken – Junge Mode ab Größe 42 wird in das Handelsregister eingetragen. Im selben Jahr eröffnen die ersten 10 Ulla Popken-Filialen.

  • 1.3.1987

    The trading name „Ulla Popken, Young Fashion from size 16“ was registered with the Chamber of Commerce Opening of the first 10 retail stores

  • 1993

    Astrid Popken, daughter of Friedrich and Ulla Popken, and her husband Thomas Schneider found Ulla Popken Ltd. in the USA

  • 1999

    Ulla Popken online shop started

  • 2008

    A new generation took over: Astrid Popken, daughter of Ulla and Friedrich Popken, and her husband Thomas Schneider

  • 2011

    Opening of the first JP 1880 menswear stores

  • 1.1.2012

    Take-over of GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG

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Gina Laura GmbH

  • 1977

    Klaus Dirks founded Buddelei-Mode GmbH & Co. KG in Oldenburg, Germany

  • 1977 – 2008

    A fast growing network of branches was forming

  • 2010

    GINA LAURA online shop started

  • 2011

    The particularly northern German name, Buddelei,had to be changed to launch the label internationally. GINA LAURA became the private label.

  • 2011

    For health reasons, Klaus Dirks started talks with Ulla Popken GmbH to sell the company, which were soon successfully concluded.

  • 2012

    GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG is being continued with the private label GINA LAURA within the Popken Fashion Group as an independent company.

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