PURE by Ulla Popken
15.03.2020 | Ulla Popken

PURE by Ulla Popken - feel good, naturally

PURE by Ulla Popken – feel good, naturally: Ulla Popken’s sustainable fashion line for women with curves combines ecological production with a focus on nature and puts well-being center stage. Soft, natural fabrics and designs inspired by nature make customers feel good, and distinctive details like asymmetric cuts provide stylish design highlights.

The styles featured in PURE by Ulla Popken boast soft, flowing materials and cuts. Whether it’s blouses, tunics, or light-weight shirts, the flattering, loose-fit designs offer plenty of room for movement and exceptional comfort. Soft, earthy, natural shades combine with ruffles, knits and interesting asymmetric cuts to define a style that is not only perfect for everyday wear but also ideal for special occasions.

With its PURE by Ulla Popken line, which was launched back in 2012, Ulla Popken is looking to offer its customers sustainable plus-size fashion. Fashion that is in keeping with the most exacting ecological and fair-trade standards, without ever having to compromise on style. 

The carefree sense of well-being is paramount, not just in the design but above all in the production of the PURE by Ulla Popken collections. Many items are already GOTS certified – these are easily identified by a label featuring a white shirt against a green background. This indicates comprehensive ecologically and socially responsible textile production. From the April 2020 collection onward, all products in the sustainable line will sport either a GOTS or an OEKO-TEX label.

The sense of connection with nature that runs through the designs also extends to the materials used. The collections use mainly natural fibers that are kind to the skin and comfortable to wear. Most items in the PURE by Ulla Popken range are made from organic cotton. This cotton is grown in accordance with organic farming guidelines and no fertilizers or pesticides are used in the process. 

One distinctive feature of the range is vegan denim made from Lyocell. This is a cellulose fabric made from wood. Approximately 10 to 20 times less water is needed to produce these fibers than is used in the production of cotton fibers. The cellulose fibers can absorb a lot of moisture, which makes them good at wicking moisture away and helps maintain a comfortable skin climate. The fabric is nice and soft with cooling properties, combining the best characteristics of silk, cotton and linen.

For more information, visit: www.ullapopken.co.uk/pure