#machesjetzt-Start 27.01.2020_Crowdsurfing
26.01.2020 | Ulla Popken

#ulladventures - Ulla Popken starts competition

Dancing on the subway in an evening gown? Finally getting to crowd surf at a concert? Or taking a running jump into an ice-cold lake? Ulla Popken wants to encourage women to dare to try something new – to rise to their own personal challenge. Waiting for the right moment? There’s no such thing. Dare to say yes. 
For the international plus-size fashion label, #ulladventures means taking matters into your own hands. Women control their own lives – their here and now, their every moment. That's why Ulla Popken is calling on women in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Poland, England and the USA to be bold and rise to their own challenge. Just get started. Take the first step. Not sometime, not next year, but now. Learn salsa, climb a mountain, buy a skateboard. 
Between now and April 30th, women can apply their challenge with a photo, or a video: #ulladventures. Casting will begin in mid-February and the challenges chosen will take place starting mid-March. The most exciting stories will be broadcast on all Ulla Popken channels from mid-April onward.