Trading responsibly

Fair and sustainable every step of the way

Corporate responsibility is well anchored into the Popken Fashion Group’s company culture. All of the group’s trade follows clear guidelines that stand for fairness, sustainability, responsibility and ethical behaviour. This is because the Popken Fashion Group’s highest priority as a corporation acting across the world is the responsibility it bears for its employees, customers, producers, partners, service providers and society.

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Employer responsibility

Our employees are the heartbeat of the Popken Fashion Group and their happiness is highly important. Fair, cooperative work with one another is also shaped by honesty, professionalism, propriety and transparency. For example, the personal development of each individual and combining family with work are encouraged. Goal-oriented further training sessions, flexible part-time hours, joint activities, and much more, support employees and provide them with the best possible foundation they need for long-term cooperation with us.

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Social responsibility as a contracting authority

Respect for each individual as well as for the law and cultures of other countries where the Popken Fashion Group is operating is a compulsory aspect of the corporation. Equally, the Popken Fashion Group ensures that social standards are observed all along the production chain and takes its responsibility seriously to provide products that are produced in a socially responsible way.

As a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), the Popken Fashion Group aims to improve social responsible processes at production centres around the world in a sustainable way. The BSCI is a business initiative for companies which are committed to improving working conditions across the international supply chain. The initiative unites and supports hundreds of companies as they strive to develop ethical supply chains by providing a single code of conduct, a uniform monitoring system and training.
The BSCI code of conduct is based on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as well as on important provisions given by the United Nations. As a member of the BSCI, the Popken Fashion Group is obliged to introduce, monitor and improve social standards across the global supply chain.

More information on the BSCI is available at

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Responsibility for the highest quality

The Popken Fashion Group’s products correspond to the highest in quality standards and the corporation continually strives towards a level
of quality that exceeds what is legally required. To achieve that, basic guidelines are stipulated in the conditions of purchase for all producers
and partners.

Products also undergo comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance checks from the planning stage through to production and delivery.
The Popken Fashion Group is obliged to provide perfect items while keeping sustainability in the foreground of its priorities. After all, product safety means keeping the Popken Fashion Group’s customers safe.

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Responsibility as a local company

With its main offices in Rastede and Oldenburg, the Popken Fashion Group is an employer and partner for those in the locality. Other people’s welfare is an important concern that lies at the heart of the corporation. Consequently, the Popken Fashion Group regularly assists community organisations, projects as well as individual people and families by donating items or providing financial assistance. Often, employees form these contacts enabling the assistance we provide to be targeted.

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