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Studio Untold

Studio Untold is Ulla Popken's young fashion label. It focuses on a strong design statement, the newest fit, experimental fabrics and the hottest fashion influences found in clubs and streets of the hippest fashion metropolises all over the world. It's the label for urban fashionistas and strong-minded women who like to make a statement.

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Hot Stuff

New arrivals every two weeks provide what young fashionable women desire. Like denim jeans with trendy washes, oversized pieces, cute dresses, cool jumpsuits and statement pieces that can't be ignored - and, of course, shoes and accessories to go with it. Sizes 14 - 24.

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Going Digital

As label with the youngest audience, Studio Untold focuses on communicating though digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The blog of Studio Untold lets you look behind the scenes of the brand, the fashion industry as such and plus size bloggers from around the world keep you up to date on hip street styles.

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