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The employer Popken

Popken Fashion Group sees itself as a strong team in which each individual contributes their part to the company's success. A co-operation based on trust and a "give and take" philosophy. Here, we will give you an insight to the various departments, inform you about the services provided by us as your employer, and present the individual stories of some of our employees.

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Design, Logistics and IT

Our success as an internationally operating fashion company is based on the hard work of many people in various areas of our head office and approximately 600 stores worldwide.

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We Like to Give

For us, successful cooperation means that everyone contributes to the daily business to the best of their ability. This is what we expect from our employees as well as from ourselves. Our services therefore go beyond those offered by ordinary employers. A matter of course for us:

  • Your perfect start
  • So your development continues
  • Our „hard facts“ for you
  • All about family business
  • What else makes us special
  • All inclusive at the workplace
Overview of benefits

What's Up?

Our colleagues will show you what is so special about our region here up north.

Small red-bricked houses in the region

„For me it is the beautiful clinker facade houses that make this northern region so charming and unique.“

Meadow with cows

„There's no place like home, especially, if you have a view of the vast flat countryside. That's what the north to me is all about.“

A long dock leads to the sea

„Talking about the sea ... - Dangast is basically just around the corner. And there you can get the best rhubarb pie in the world!“

Sunrise at the sea

„The best part of the north is being close to the sea. In no time you are in Dangast or Schillig and on the weekends you can take a trip to the East Frisian Islands. where the wind clears your head.“

A palm tree on the beach and multiple destination signs

„My favorite place is the beach club in Nethen. It's like a mini vacation and you can relax immediately. Whether during lunch break or after work - this is the place to enjoy!“

A white ship on the canal

„This picture was taken during a storm tide.“

Equestrienne at the provincial tournament in Rastede

„This picture was taken during on the best horse show of the region! At the provincial tournament in Rastede!“

The People Behind the Fashion

Everyone at Popken Fashion Group has their own perspective, individual experiences and tasks. Some of them tell you their stories.

Stories Overview
  • Annika Diekmann

    I am Annika Diekmann. I've been working in the import and export department of Popken Fashion Group for two years.

    Annika Diekmann
  • Christian Stratmann

    My name is Christian Stratmann and I've been working with Popken Fashion Group as an IT administrator for three years.

    Christian Stratmann
  • Erika van Dijk

    My name is Erika van Dijk. I joined the service center of Popken Fashion Group in September 2005.

    Erika van Dijk
  • Hélène Reins

    My name is Hélène Reis and I've been working in customer service at Popken Fashion Group since 2011.

    Hélène Reins
  • Kevin Teetz

    I am Kevin Teez and I started working as HR clerk at Popken Fashion Group in mid 2017.

    Kevin Teetz
  • Matthias Guggenberger

    My name is Matthias Guggenberger and as CSR Manager, I've been part of Popken Fashion Group since October 2015.

    Matthias Guggenberger
  • Stella Eilers

    I am Stella Eilers. I have been an assistant departmental manager of Creative Purchasing at Popken Fashion Group since 2014.

    Stella Eilers
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