Interesting Insights

Everyone at Popken Fashion Group has their own perspective, individual experiences and tasks. Some of them here tell you their stories.

My name is Carina Hahn and I have been part of Popken Fashion Group since I started my apprenticeship as Office Management Clerk in summer of 2016.

Carina Hahn

Ich bin Jan Karsten, seit Ende 2018 Teil der Popken Fashion Group und aktuell verantwortlich für das Einkaufscontrolling.

Jan Karsten

I am Jessica Böhm and I have been working in the Accounting department of Popken Fashion Group since 2016.

Jessica Böhm

I am Lena Fahlbusch and I have been working for Popken Fashion Group for five years. First as a student of a work-study programm - and now in campaign management.

Lena Fahlbusch

I am Susan Klose and I have been with Popken Fashion Group for six years.

Susan Klose