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JP1880 is available from our own online store, our own branches and all major marketplaces in Europe. And of course on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Tailormade Lines

There is a new line of fashionable menswear coming out every month. The full range from modern casual looks, to basics and stylish business attire. All garments made by JP1880 can be combined in many ways. As a result, you can create new perfect outfits from the wide range of jackets, shirts and pants time after time. The lines are supplemented by a vast array of accessories and underwear. Sizes L to 8XL.

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Distinctive Merchandising

JP 1880 brings men and fashion together - through various stores and shops as well as with its own online shop. The products are marketed through classic campaigns, marketing and public relations activities and supporting communication though social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

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