Two Popken Fashion Group employees smiling at the camera

Useful information

To make your entry into the world of fashion with its numerous professions and multifaceted options as easy as possible, we have gathered the following information for you.

Two Popken Fashion Group employees smiling at the camera

Application process

First things first: Don't worry. We are really nice. If you have found a job advertisement on our job portal that suits your interests, then apply directly via the job portal. Once you have sent off your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt instantly. We will review your application and send you information about the next steps as quickly as possible.

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Your interview

In some instances, we might schedule a telephone interview with you first, before inviting you to a personal interview. During the interview, you have the chance to introduce yourself and dazzle us with your personality and qualities. Be yourself! We want to get to know you just the way you are. You are welcome to ask us questions so you can make a decision.

By the way, there is no dress code at our company. But we are sure that as an applicant pursuing a career in the fashion industry, you know what's appropriate.

Are we the perfect fit? Then we are happy to welcome you to our business group.



    Yes, our job portal is updated on a daily basis. As soon as we have found the perfect match, the job advertisement is removed from our online job portal.

    It's best you apply through our online job portal. This way we can guarantee a reliable and quick application process.

    You will receive an automated confirmation of receipt as soon as your applications has arrived. Please check your spam folder.

    Your application should demonstrate your motivation. Why do you think that we are a perfect fit? Above that, we are interested in learning about your past work experience and why you are looking for a new job. We would be happy if your application already gives us an idea of who you are and how you tick.

    Experienced Professionals: school, apprenticeship and/or university diploma; work-related reference letters and other applicable certificates.

    University students: Diploma or overview of your grades, the latest school-leaving certificate, employer reference letters and confirmations of previous work experience and internships.

    Students: the last two report cards and other diplomas; Confirmations of internships, additional classes or extra-curricular activities.

    If you are interested in more than one of the positions we advertise, you may also apply for more.

    Of course, you will get reimbursed. Please contact your recruiter who invited you for your interview concerning this matter.


    We offer more than 15 apprenticeships.

    You can find a current listing of all vacant apprenticeships on our online job portal. Generally, we advertise our apprenticeship training positions at the end of the school year and look forward to receiving many enthusiastic applications.

    If you are flexible in terms of training locations, please note that in your application.

    We are interested in finding out why you are interested in exactly this apprenticeship and why you are applying to us. The minimum school qualification varies depending on the apprenticeship position you are applying for. Please see our brochure training professions for the qualifications necessary for the apprenticeship positions.

Work-study program

    No. Like with any application, the overall impression is the decisive factor, however, grades are part of that.

    All costs are covered by Popken Fashion Group.


    At headquarters you can get to know the following departments:

    • Graphics
    • Photo studio
    • Sewing/Tailoring
    • Logistics
    • IT – operative
    • IT – software development
    • E-Commerce
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing/Design

    In our stores you can get to know the following areas:

    • Retail/Sales

    Apply online two weeks prior to the date your internship is to begin. We will review your application and respond to you promptly.