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Do you want to know what happens behind the scenes? During your internship you will have the chance to get a look at the various areas of our company and learn more about your dream job. We offer various internships:


Voluntary internship

You are at least 15 years of age and you would like to learn more about our company and your dream job during your school holidays? Then we provide you with the opportunity to get a first impression of the many different areas. The internship should last at least two weeks.


Mandatory internship

You have to do an internship in the course of school regulations? Then you have got the opportunity to gain practical experience at our company or learn more about your dream job. The duration of the internship depends on your school's regulations.

  • Student internship
  • FOS - Internship (minimum of 960 hours)

University internship

You are interested in gaining practical experience while at university? We regularly offer (university) interns the opportunity to get a look at our fashion business and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

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